• Q345R steel
  • 16Mo3 steel
  • A283GradeC steel
  • A516Grade70 steel
  • A572Grade50 steel
  • cortenA steel

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Classes of Magnetic Materials

The difference between spontaneous magnetization and the saturation magnetization has to do with magnetic domains (more about domains later). Saturation magnetization is an intrinsic property, independent of particle size but dependent on temperature. There is a big difference between paramagnetic and ferromagnetic susceptibility.


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Asynchronous motor and Synchronous Motor is the most fundamental difference is that the synchronous Motor Rotor zhongtong into plus the exciting current of dc excitation (usually) between the stator magnetic field is produced. For synchronous motor, the stator rotating magnetic field will produce electromagnetic torque to the rotor magnetic field, along the axial rotation of the rotor.Because